Welcome to the Harp & Silver website. Hilary Harp and Suzie Silver have been collaborating since 2003 on projects that include single-channel videos, video installation, objects, photographs and live video performances. Click on the WORKS link above to find our past and current collaborative projects. You can also click on the Hilary Harp and Suzie Silver links above to see our solo work.

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The video files located though out the site are fairly large, assume a high speed internet connection, and require Quicktime. We’ll be uploading smaller, less bandwidth intensive versions of these clips real soon.

Selected Works

  1. AV Lodge Presents: Fruit Machine

    Live Audio-Visual Variety Show

  2. Eric Moe's Idyll

    (2008) A meeting of Jack Smith and Sid and Marty Krofft in an early Kate Bush music video on a sylvan summer day in southwestern Pennsylvania.

  3. Robot Love

    (2008) Robot Love is a celebration of the playful, synthetic, party-driven disposable culture of disco. The video is playful and opulent, presenting a night at the disco as a mind-expanding trip to an alternate universe.

  4. Nebula

    (2006) Installation with Sculptures, Photo Light Boxes and Video

  5. Rondo

    (2005) Two-Channel Video Installation

  6. The Happiest Day

    (2004) Single-Channel Video and Video Loop for Installation.

  7. Untitled Landscapes

    (2004) Video View Boxes. Part of The Happiest Day project.

Recent News

  1. Robotic Robot at Performance Studies International
  2. Dead Flowers Screening 3
  3. A Spy at EMAF 2010
  4. Jozaphine Freedom